Real-time software (Unity and C#)



“Fleeting Glimpses #2” is a generative artwork that creates an ever-changing, abstract composition in real-time.



The software creates and manipulates a virtual 3D scene, relying heavily on random chance to control everything from the animation of elements to the focal length of the virtual camera.



Compositions and colour schemes come and go, never to repeat again.

Creation and destruction, resolution and dissolution happen at once in the endless churn.



Screen captures of the work are often printed on metal and exhibited along with the live software.

In stark contrast to the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of the live composition, these static artifacts attempt to memorialize ‘fleeting glimpses’ of beauty.



View a low-resolution documentation video.

Exhibition history:

  • 2018, Cubed Luminous, Penscola, Florida (video excerpts)
  • 2017, Fleeting Glimpses, Likely General, Toronto


  • Private collections in US and Canada (prints on metal)